The Jewish Limerick Book

An Alternative Guide to One of the World's Great Faiths

by Jerry Markison with illustrations by Dan Archer

Published by Beauclair Books


'Wickedly clever - and kosher! The best guide to Judaism written in limerick form' -

David M Bader, bestselling author of Haikus for Jews


'Of course Jerry Markison is no Jackie Mason but his writing is entertaining' 

Jackie Mason


The Jewish Limerick Book offers a witty, bawdy and yet educational take on Jewish people and practices. It plumbs the depths of Jewish culture and surfaces laden with satirical nuggets.

Within its covers you'll meet some memorable Jewish mothers, their princess-like daughters and put upon husbands; rabbis ranging from the absurdly observant to the laughable lapsed; unhinged students of kabbalah and all manner of shmucks and shlemiels.  You'll chuckle as you learn the inside truth on Jewish festivals and rituals (yes, including circumcision - ouch!).  And be prepare to be shocked as the most lurid Bible stories are retold in bite-size verses.

With hilarious illustrations, this book is a laugh a minute.  A devilishly amusing gift for anyone over barmitzvah age!   

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